Supid issues #02 – Premiere After Effects – Cinema dng dynamic link gives stills

Oh this seems to be a real struggle for Adobe.. i have read that this issue is known since a while. (the topic on the adobe page was from 2014..)

I am working with the latest Version of Premiere and After Effects (2017)


The issue is:

You have a image sequence e.g. a DNG image sequence in Premiere and you want to add some Effects with AE. Simple as it would be – „Replace with After Effects Composition“ and thanks to the dynamic link it would be easy to do that. But this is not working for DNG (or any RAW) sequences. It seems that After Effects only recognizes the footage as still image.

The result is a sequence of stills.


Ok a real easy one-click solution is not available for that. According to a technician from Adobe all users who have the problem should send a mail to the support to increase the priority of this issue.

The easiest way to keep the dynamic link alife and to keep the profit of RAW would be:

„Replace Footage by..“ within After Effects. Here you can select the whole sequence. Thanks to the dynamic link. The cuts will be recognized in a correct way.

Step by Step

  1. Select the clips or the nested sequence in Premiere Pro
  2. „Replace sequence with After Effects Composition“ This will create the dynamic link
  3. Now After Effects will open the RAW interpretation window for each single clip – just press „OK“ do not Cancel this
  4. in After Effects you can replace the still Image in the Project with the Sequence
  5. Thats it.


I know this is a lot of work when you have a lot of clips. So far i have not found an automatic solution.

If this was a help for you. Please leave me a heart or a comment.






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