Stupid issues #3 – Photoshop Action is dependent from Position

Almost a while since i posted a stupid issue. This time i struggled with some position dependent Photoshop Action.

When you record a Photoshop Action you will come to a point, where you add Actions which are dependent from your Position in your Canvas. (like cropping, adding a stamp, vignetting, adding edge blur etc.) Hence the Action-Recorder looks at your lineal and sees that you are e.g. 50 pixel from the left border it will be always 50 pixel, no matter of your documents resolution or size. (-> on small documents the border will be far too thick for example.)

The Solution is so easy that it is hard to find at the same time. I had a fight with Photoshop half of my evening.

Simple way is to change the Unit of your Lineals to % („percent“). The Action will be recorded in this unit and you will be happy afterwards. it is also possible if you change the lineal back to pixels later on.

I hope that I could help you on this issue.

If you have had some stupid issues, share it with us.




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