Stupid issues #01 – Premiere – Reconnect Full Resolution Media – Audio Channels do not match

The issue is:

You already have created Proxies for example in Davinci Resolve (like when you formerly worked your common Resolve-Premiere-Resolve Workflow)

But now you want, nobody knows why, connect the Full Resolution Media directly in Premiere Pro instead of going to Resolve.

When trying to attach the File you probably get the Message that the Audio Channels do not Match.


Very often Proxies are created without any Audio -> no Audio Channels.
Or you have more than 2 Audio Channels and a Proxy file codec which can only handle 2 Channels like .h264

Premiere searches Audio Files in the same Folder where you have the Full Resolution File. If Premiere detects more Audio files with the same filename than the proxie file has, you will get the message.

Ways of to Solution

Ok. Easiest way is to remove the separate Audiofiles from the Folder with the Videofile.

If the Audiochannels are no separate or you need the Audio in Premiere you can only Create new Proxies with the corresponding Audio Channels.




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